Getting Started

Information on Membership Levels and participation Information on Opening a Network Site, and upgrading service.
Information on Getting Stuff to us for the magazine (Including interview requests) Information on Submitting Info for our Hall of Fame system

WhyIndyfest1Indyfest is all about making it easy to get involved in the small press/self publishing multiverse in the way you want to be. Exposing you to what publishers are doing without overwhelming you. If you have not done so, click the cover of the WHY Indyfest pamphlet to the left, and you will download the PDF. It will tell you a lot about what we are trying to build here. And then, as you explore, you will find more and more. Understand more and more.

Up top in the black Member Bar, to the left you will see the basic Hubs: News, Events, Magazine…more will come as we refine that display. That bar displays no matter where you go in the network. It also has an Organizer, which records sites you have visited so you can get back to them easily, and also will give links to Admin areas of sites for which you have¬†ownership/have set up. Your profile and other useful membership links are at the right of that bar.¬†We’re designed so you can go, get lost among things, but easily make it back to the home base. Fans of Indy stuff should have lots of fun doing just that.

We are writing GUIDES to teach people how to do anything. They are HERE