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[ms-note type=”info”]Being a member of the Indyfest Network is as simple as registering using the link at the top/left of the page (or click here). The basic membership gives you all the permissions you need to comment on posts, create a profile, connect with friends, participate in the forums, and otherwise enjoy the network.[/ms-note]

[ms-note type=”info”]To truly enjoy the full Indyfest Experience, we ask that you become an SPA Supporter. The Self Publisher Association is the group that is behind the development and continued maintenance of all aspects of the websites that make up the Hubs of the network. The SPA is the driving force behind the Self Publisher Hall of Fame and Indyfest Magazine. This is the base membership for everyone to help keep the SPA by the people, for the people.[/ms-note]

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[ms-note type=”info”]Because of how the SPA is structured, there are many parts that are for certain segments of the general supporter base, that will not apply to other parts. These membership add-on levels will allow you to pursue the parts of our network that interest you.[/ms-note]

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[ms-membership-price id=”1973″ currency=”no” label=”Only: $”] Your cost is only your time and effort!
 [ms-membership-buy id=”1973″ label=”Join now!”]  To join, send e-mail to: Volunteer


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