Bug report: leaving a post with an image in it

3 weeks agoopen3

Here’s a weird little bug. When I’m looking at one of my posts with an image in it, maybe reading the new comments, I can’t leave the post. The only way I can leave the post is to click on the image to view it. Then I close out of the image, and that brings me to my landing page. The landing page isn’t accessible directly from the post. There’s no sidebar, no menu at the top, no INDYFEST logo.

3 thoughts on “Bug report: leaving a post with an image in it”

  1. jin avatar jin says:

    I can’t post images here! So I posted them in the chatbox instead.

  2. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    as far as i can tell: when you view an image in a post, it creates an overlay full size of the image, and bring a column so you can read the comments of the post. there is an X in the top right that dismisses the overlay, and I’m able to like click on the outside of the overlay and it dismisses then as well. I dont think this is a bug, I think this is an actual feature…but i have also not been able to recreate the rest of your discription that your report describes. can you post a couple screenshots of how the issue presents, how you trigger it, so I can try to recreate more of the issue?

  3. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    i will try to recrete the issue and proceed from there.

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