Images out of order

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How does this software decide what order to present images in if I post more than one? To me, the order looks random. I tend to expect the images to appear in the order I chose them before uploading. If that’s not possible, maybe put some subtext saying “images appear alphabetically” or somesuch. I don’t know if they appear alphabetically.

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  1. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    Ill close this one so im working on the other…….

  2. jin avatar jin says:

    Okay, so, the order seems to always be that each pair is reversed. 2,1. 4,3. 6,5. 8,7.

    (I didn’t realize I posted a report about this already. Sorry! Now there are two. The second thread has a screenshot in it, so I needed to start a new thread for that anyway, since I can’t post images in IFN comments.

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