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Done from an Android device. If I upload them one at a time, they appear in order. In a batch, it seems random.

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  1. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    I think I have an answer for the out of order issue………but there is nothing I can do about it right now. We use an image optimization system which takes an image and makes versions of it at different sizes, so that the browser can be fed the smallest file that fits the size of your screen. So I dont really have the capacity to test and see exactly what goes on, but there must be a difference in how it re-names files in a batch vs individual uploads. I can pose this question to MY tech support people, but I dont expect it would be easy to change anything about the function. we’ll see.

  2. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    i wish i had a better answer for you, but, I can find nothing that would help explain why a batch upload would make them appear out of order. I’ll leave this issue open and see if anyone else can suggest something for me to look at in this issue.

  3. jin avatar jin says:

    Here are the original file names. I let my phone name the files, because it’s like a 5-step process to go into the image’s info screen and change the name, and most of the time I can’t be bothered.

    1) 20240521_163015.jpg
    2) 20240521_163017.jpg
    3) 20240521_163019.jpg
    4) 20240521_163021.jpg
    5) 20240521_163022.jpg
    6) 20240521_163024.jpg

    So the names of each file are the date and time stamp, which allows the filenames to be in alphanumerical order when they’re created in a certain order. So… there’s that.

    Sorry it’s not a better answer.

  4. AIPman1 avatar AIPman1 says:

    I am going to look at the function with tech support, not sure anything can be done, but well see

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