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    Video Thumb 2008 INTER-FAN Jam. Present IF Hall of Fame Part 1

    Of my favorite Fandom Artists, two always stood out for they really brought home the importance of the Golden Age of Comics. One was Don Newton for realistic but cartoony style and Alan James Hanley, or Alan Hanley or Jim Hanley depending on who you talk to. Alan had a real great cartoony way about his work that I found fascinating even to this day. This was at the 2008 INTER-FAN Jam. Present IF Hall of Fame plaque to Alan's daughter Krista Hanley. Included with commentaries were Jim Engel, Doug Rice and Russ Maheras. Many thanks to O.t. Puente and crew.Also are Liz Ortiz, Wade Busby, David Gruba, Dave Losso, Shawnti Therrien, Moe Nasser and others.Part 1

    Posted by Lance Doc Boucher on Thursday, December 29, 2011