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Hi there, and thanks for getting involved in the listings with our efforts. This form is designed to gather the basic information that Publishers can display for free on their Archives listing and Availability Guide entry. You do not need to be selling anything currently to be listed in the archives, or even BE the person you are submitting info about. Our system is designed to be a historic registry of as much info as we can find, and, then if the publisher is active, a way to get a hold of them. It is also used in the Availability Guide. We'll take this info and have it posted and ready to use ASAP, and send you a notice when up with the URL which you can start to use any way you wish with the tools we provide, from simply having the historic listings, up to presenting your publications for sale wherever you have them available. Note: If you are updating an existing listing - you only need to fill in the required fields and the one or two that you want updated or changed, you can leave the rest blank, adding just the new info you wish us to include.