Hub of Hubs

So if a Hub is a center of activity, then this page is a hub of hubs. We have hubs, there’s hubs we can connect on, there’s hubs that have different purposes not everyone needs. Find your hubs and get them working for you as you see fit.

Membership Hub: A complete overview of different kinds of Indyfest memberships

Events Hub: Find out what’s going on, when and where. Get events local to you, listed!

Jobs Hub: Looking for someone to fill a job? Looking to fill a job in your skillset?

Credit System Hub: What is that leaderboard? What are these “credits” for?

Hosting Hub: Need a website? We offer affordable WordPress hosting, free software, support, Domain Names

Treasury Hub: What is the IFN Treasury, what is it used for?

Donations Hub: Need funding for your project? Want to help back worthy Indy projects?

Submissions Hub: Get your info into Indyfest systems!

Archives Hub: Listings of all Indy creators, companies, organizations presented in organized fashion.

And, well, the Store Hub gets it’s own tab on the menu, the Marketplace is a big thing.