Membership Types

Membership at Indyfest takes many forms, and its mostly dependent on what you need. Y’know…Indyviduals. We do a lot of the defining of things through ROLES. So let’s look at the Roles, and what we can offer to you if you wish to take roles in Indyfest.

EVERYONE STARTS WITH AN INDYFEST ACCOUNT! Click/tap: SIGN UP for an account (if you are already LOGGED IN to the site, you’ve done this.) You can do it with a couple clicks with your Facebook, Google, or whatever other social media login we’ve got connected. Oh, and its free!

To become a BADGED, supporting member, so you can verify your membership to gain benefits from anyone showing the INDY FRIENDLY logo, CLICK HERE. All will be explained more fully there.

Shopping in our STORE will automatically expand your membership with shopper privileges. (if you went and got a badge, you did this) You’ll have a section of profile info you can fill out to make checkout fast and easy and that is HERE. Its also where you find order history, your bought downloads, etc. If you are working with us on Store development, as a STORE OWNER, you will be given permissions for that as we develop.

Anyone can view and rsvp to Events. but to be able to POST events and add organizer and venue details, you need organizer permissions. We don’t yet have an automated way for you to apply and receive those privileges, so for now…just EMAIL and ask for it.

Anyone can view and respond to Job listings. Posting a job should give you the EMPLOYER role, and get you to fill out a few things about yourself. If it doesn’t work automatically, just let us know and we’ll make sure your permission to post a job is set.

We have additional ROLES for people working with us on the FUNDING section, the IDEA development section, as well as site ADMINs, Editors, Writers, etc. If you are interested in being on the team to develop those features, visit the Contact Us page, to see who is listed in each development project, and who you should get in touch with.

For INDYFEST SUPPORTERS who need more control, space or resources, we also have HOSTING ACCOUNTS available, which also run on the same hardware and software systems we are on, and we can handle migration to your new account for free. We can register or move domain names, to give control over dns settings and email.