Privacy Statement

Our software will collect user data such as passwords, emails, profile data, it saves this data to ensure proper display of pages for your personal experience. It is behind firewall and defender software that protects it from hackers.

Indyfest will not disseminate any information that has been entrusted to our software systems to anyone else for any reason. Exception to that would be if official law enforcement warrants ordered us to do so. We trust no one using our website is doing so for unlawful reasons, therefore if you are and law enforcement has evidence for a warrant for your information, we will then abide by such orders.

Information gathered by our systems is only for use in furthering Indyfest goals of good community, neighborly conversation, and your pursuit of happiness and success. Nothing Indyfest does is to in any way further criminal activity. That said, your information will not be sold, harvested, or otherwise used for anything else, by us.

You can download all information and content of your account from your profile’s About—>Account page. To DELETE your profile and account, you will need to request that from