Indyfest has website hosting available!

All of our plans come with state of the art wordpress support, and a software package that includes security, analytics, SEO, and much more.

Domain Names. If you have not secured a DOMAIN NAME, you can register it through us. If you already have one, it can be transferred to our registry, or managed by you where you registered it.

We suggest the Hobby/Starter account, for people who are just getting your feet wet in the web presence arena. It will run fine if you don’t need a lot of dynamic content. It can be upgraded, but we don’t list those plans as if you really need to step up in resources, we suggest moving directly to the Pro level accounts instead. You can ask questions if your hobby site is taking off, which, we really hope it does!

Pro accounts run with different and high frequency servers, and are easily upgraded as you need more resources. As a comparison, Indyfest itself, with all we have running, is on Professional lvl 3.