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    Building a CHARTER
    2 months agoopen1
    As the Indy Friends Network (IFN) is intended to be structure that runs Indyfest USA, our first order of business is building a Charter. I will put forth parts of charters I've used in the past, an... Read more...

No Words official yet. The Following is proposed verbiage.

  1. Indy Friends Network (IFN) CHARTER Mission Statement: This charter defines and governs that which the IFN is doing. For any official Indyfest project, development, or plan…there is to be official verbiage to apply IFN guidelines to it. The IFN runs only on guidelines, as rules are for those who cant follow guidelines. Together, the IFN will build and develop the structures needed to pursue fun and happiness for all.
    Section A: Membership Membership in the website, is not membership in the IFN. The free account you can get by signing up in the website, is so everyone can interact in Indyfest on whatever level they want with no obligations. To have say in the IFN developments, and voting rights, and to be able to step into any roles that are defined, the member must register their account by getting the Registered Badge, for a one-time fee. 
    A1. Creation of membership sets and levels within. Chains of command are the keys to successful growth of any organization. Thus, each topic or section or aspect of what the IFN can do is controlled by people placed in a role. For any development a member must be in charge of the proposal to proceed.
    A1a: The IFN was founded by Ian Shires. As so, the basics of how the IFN works is overseen by him, until such positions are developed and filled to place others in charge of parts as needed in this charter. He holds only tie breaking or veto power in votes on that which the IFN takes on in the guidelines we create to guide us.
    Section B: Expanding the IFN: Members in good standing are welcome to use our structure to expand our scope by request and vote of confidence of a person in charge of that development. Use the Ideas System to inquire or propose. All passed proposals shall have their verbiage added as a new section to this charter.
    B1: The IFN is not here to do things for you. It is here to provide tools and information so you can do the things you want to, better and with friends.
    Section C: TO BE DEFINED: All IFN member group levels, and abilities
    Section D: TO BE DEFINED: Member cred points system