Can’t add image in IFN on Android

I can attach an image in IFN if I’m submitting a new idea. But I can’t do it in a reply. Ian had asked for some screenshots when I submitted an IFN about how I can’t leave an image post and get back to the landing page if I arrived there by clicking a comment. I did up a 4-step sequence of events, and then was unable to post it to the thread on the topic.

Images out of order

How does this software decide what order to present images in if I post more than one? To me, the order looks random. I tend to expect the images to appear in the order I chose them before uploading. If that’s not possible, maybe put some subtext saying “images appear alphabetically” or somesuch. I don’t know if they appear alphabetically.

‘Post’ button wouldn’t post

On time yesterday (5/10/2024), I wrote a post, but when I hit ‘post’, it wouldn’t post. Then I successfully posted twice, and was unable to replicate the problem. I’ll mention it again if it returns.

‘Country’ dropdown menu fails in vendor application

I had to click off of United States in the country dropdown menu, and then click back on it again.

I think for that dropdown menu, you should probably have the default choice be “choose your country” and then have US be the top choice. Because then, everyone will be forced to actively click onto the menu.