Developer, Ian Shires

What is INDYFEST? Simply put, its the celebration of being independent. We can do that in whatever ways we think up. On whatever scales we are able to collectively achieve. So INDYFEST can be whatever we need it to be, and enjoyed by anyone, freely. 

But who runs Indyfest? Who gets a say in things? Well, basically…Im going to put a basic charter for what will be known as the Indy Friends Network, and we will define and refine it together, in the open, at the Indy Friends Network Development system now in place.

Suffice to say, there will be Basic membership, I’m looking at it being a one time $10, registration thing, not recurring, granting basic member rights and setting up use of badges that can be applied to different aspects of doing business in association with IFN defined guidelines. These badges will have an easy access, click and show page that displays your individual status, with no private info for security sake. 

Indyfest is not: Racist, sexist, political, religious, elitist, or otherwise intolerant of anyone, prejudice has no place. That said, the IFN will be based on real individuals reputations in their local areas. And we will have a way to expel people who prove non reputable. I base that on Indy Friends should mean something.

Please take time to look around at how we list businesses, and help people know people locally. most of which is still under construction so to speak. I’ve worked out the big bugs, everything seems working together ok, as more and more people jump into the system, we hope that you will enjoy helping us work to expand our capabilities and test new things. Now, go post a hello! start talking to people!