Dimestore Productions was founded in March 1986 by a teenage Ian Shires. Making minicomics, he soon made his presence felt by applying regular release schedules, monthly and soon was producing multiple titles and working with other small press creators.

By 1988, Ian got involved in the network building of small press by publishing the first ever Small Press Guide. soon thereafter, Self Publisher! Magazine was born. Ian pushed the limits of what such a magazine could be by adding distribution ideas for ordering publications featured directly from Dimestore.

Changing technologies brought Dimestore online as the first small press community website on the internet. The Small Press Association was founded and soon was producing calendars, and then, Small Press Idol was born. 

The maturing process eventually changed the SPA into Self Publisher Association, and more recently, the SPA legacy has become the Indy Friends Network. Self Publisher! Magazine had changed names a number of times, there was Obscurity Unlimited, The Guide, and eventually Indyfest Magazine. 

Today, Dimestore is continuing it’s legacy of fun comics, great community, and pushing boundaries. Thanks for the past 38 years, and the best is yet to come!