This page is to help explain and facilitate your ability to create and upgrade your Indyfest Network Sites. Let’s start with the basic. If you have not registered as a member of Indyfest Network yet. Please do so. The Network Membership is free, and gives you the ability to do things like comment on pages, join in the forums conversations, and you will be able to connect with friends, and be given tools to help you enjoy this network. You also have to be a Supporter Member to open a site on the network, but first things first…


If you already have a member account with us and want to add a site (you are allowed to have more than one, though we do have guidelines about it)…you need to sign up as a Supporter Member. There is a free trial. It’s an upgrade to your basic membership (and there are a number of additional add-on levels you can add to your membership which you should look at and consider). Because “one membership fits all” does not apply to Indyfest, we offer different aspects for you to customize your Indyfest presence. Go to the Membership Page for details.

If you ARE a Supporter Member then adding a site to your account, and this network, is very easy. Just Add it!

If you have one or more sites, and are logged in, then there will be options below for you to manage them and upgrade them (links in the sites will also bring you those options). Each site is managed separately as far as upgrades are concerned. The “Free” Level will remain as long as you maintain your Supporter Membership.

To learn more about our sites abilities and how things work here, Go Here