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When you Blink… By Ian Shires

Hello again world of creators, publishers, and fans thereof. We put the SPA Newsletter on hold when the websites went wonky back in July, and here we are, all the way into September and just getting our bearings really back in order. So, as we have transformed everything into the Indyfest initiative, and SP! Magazine will become Indyfest Magazine in 2015, it doesn’t make sense to keep the newsletter going as the SPA Newsletter…and so, as you see, it is not the Indyfest Newsletter. However, I have retained the overall numbering we have used since we called it the Kickstart Newsletter (back before there was a Kickstarter funding system and people started confusing us as part of that!) in December 2003. Imagine that…11 years ago I said, well, there’s gotta be a better way to let people know whats going on than e-mailing them all individually each week (Which is what I was doing!)

Anyway, we are still officially in an “Alpha” stage with the software set up we’re building for Indyfest. We hope to be able to open things up to Beta testing soon, and have a line of publishers waiting to do just that. There are still a lot of things for me to configure and move around. It’s important we get it all in place so when we roll it out, it truly changes the game. So really, for right now, this is just a “Don’t Blink!” statement. We’ll get this newsletter back into weekly action later, right now, I’m just testing out the software.

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