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 Issue #425 – May 1st 2015
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Saying Nothing… By Ian Shires

This is going to be the LAST Indy Scavenger Newsletter that I spend any time editorializing. I’ve come to the conclusion that while YES, the information I try to get out is important, I tend to get long-winded, and I have other ways I can get the word out these days. So while the basis of this newsletter for all the versions we’ve gone through since 2001 when the Weekly SPA Newsletter began has been with me saying stuff. It’s truly time to let the work speak for itself. Whose work? Everyone’s. Starting next newsletter, gone will be ME, here will be links to news releases that YOU send in that have been posted on our news site. That, and we want to start listing ALL new publication releases that we can, and how and where to get them. So, I’m going to say one last thing. If you publish something and you don’t let us know about it directly, you will be losing out on literally 1000’s of eyes that follow our newsletter potentially seeing your news and new books. Send us information, we will blast it out in a way people can focus on. That’s all. Good day.


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